March 7


Greg Pak On The Humanity of Storytelling and Lilo & Stitch


March 7, 2024

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Over two decades, Greg Pak has built a career in comic writing by taking on such titans as Hulk and Darth Vader. With a special knack for bringing forth the humanity that unites all of us, he’s now taking on another temperamental monster in the pages of Lilo & Stitch. Today, I’m talking to Greg about how he got into comics, how he feels storytelling can change the world, and the common thread he’s woven through 20 years of working on some of our biggest Pop Culture icons.

About Greg Pak:

Greg Pak is an award-winning comic book writer and filmmaker currently writing Ronin Island and Firefly for BOOM!, Star Wars: Darth Vader  for Marvel, and Stranger Things middle grade comics for Dark Horse. Pak wrote the Code Monkey Save World graphic novel and Princess Who Saved children’s books based on the songs of Jonathan Coulton and co-wrote (with Fred Van Lente) the acclaimed Make Comics Like the Pros how-to book. His other work includes the comic book series Planet HulkWorld War Hulk, and Magneto Testament

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