Comics Are Dope is a website and lifestyle brand for people who love comics. When I started making YouTube videos a year ago, it was because I wanted to share my love for comics with the world. The stories. The art. And of course, the community.

I think comics are the greatest storytelling medium there is. It isn’t limited by CGI budgets, acting talent or even audio/visual technology. Just the imagination and skill level of the creators. In my opinion, comic fans are the real tastemakers. Think about it. If we don’t make a series fly off the shelves, will it ever make it to the desk of a Netflix executive?

On this site, you’ll find helpful articles to help you navigate the hobby, interviews with creators, reviews of stories we’ve read, and merchandise so you can rep your fandom in style. Occasionally, you’ll even see items from my personal collection in the shop.

With the launch of the site, I’m also starting a weekly newsletter called This Week in Comics. There, I’ll gather the top news of the week, as well as a guide to new titles coming out, and deliver it straight to your inbox.

Over time, I hope this can be the number one gathering spot for comic fans online. Thanks for being here with me.

-BJ KICKS (October 2021)