June 13


Wolly McNair is Honoring his Birthplace with L’TON: Broken City


June 13, 2024

l'ton, wolly mcnair

Wolly McNair and David Rucker join with special guest Danny Quick to talk about L’TON, the newest project from Bequest Studios. 

About L’Ton:

To save the people and city he loves from destruction, Jamal Thompson decides to sacrifice whatever innocents or joy remained within him to move without restraints. To stop monsters, he has become a more dangerous monster, trading in his humanity to instill fear in those devastating his hometown and give hope of a better tomorrow for the people and city he loves.

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About Wolly McNair:

Wolly is the co creator and co writer of the series. He is a freelance illustrator and designer whose clients have included Archie Comics, TOPPS, IDW, Nike, 4th Wall Pros, and more. He is also a co founder of Bequest Studios, and has written, illustrated and published several creator owned projects including Fairy Tale Knights (co written with Jerale Clebourne), Legends of the Black Pandas, Skull Kidz, and his up and coming graphic novels and comic; King Supreme, Super Bastard, and PaKuma.

About David Rucker:

David is the co creator and co writer of the series. He is the founder of Decimation Studios where he publishes Decimation Earth, an on going comic series that he created and writes. He has several projects under his belt in development from both his studio and various others he has partnered with.

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