January 29


Roger Langridge on the Joys of Cartooning and All Ages Comics


January 29, 2024

carl barks, dynamite, justice ducks, roger langridge

When I asked Roger Langridge about the legacy he’ll leave, he said “My tombstone will probably say ‘Wrote the Muppets, then died.'” But the fact is, Roger is continuing the tradition of some of the greatest storytellers in history.

We talked about his love for Carl Barks, newspaper strips, and the approach he brings to his own works — including The Muppet Show, and the upcoming Justice Ducks miniseries he’s penning for Dynamite Entertainment. I asked him what it’s like switching from artist to writer, and drawing from real life as inspiration for his daily strip Hotel Fred.

I had a blast talking to Roger, and I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation below.

Buy Justice Ducks at http://dynamite.com/disney, and follow Roger’s adventures at http://hotelfred.com

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