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DC Comics to Release Milestone Compendium Vol. 2, Include Worlds Collide Crossover


April 1, 2022

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DC Comics just released their Fall Catalog, soliciting many graphic novels and hardcovers that will be available later this year and early in 2023. Among the latter entries, fans will be excited to see volume 2 of the Milestone Compendium line.

Many fans wondered whether future volumes would be released; and if they did, whether they’d include the Milestone/DC Crossover World’s Collide, which saw the Milestone Heroes team up with the Superman family back in July of 1994. We’re pleased to announce the answer to both questions is a resounding yes! Check out DC’s full description and contents below.

Note: This won’t be the final cover

Milestone Compendium is a can’t-miss collection for any Milestone Comics or 90’s comics fan!

A new volume of fan-favorite Milestone comics from the 90’s are collected in this brilliant compendium edition featuring Static, Icon, Hardware and Blood Syndicate which includes the Worlds Collide crossover with the DC Universe featuring Superman, Superboy and Steel.
Don’t miss your chance to read the classic comics from legendary writers and artists including Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Robert L. Washington, John Paul Leon, Mark Bright and more.

Milestone Compendium Vol. 2 includes Blood Syndicate #13-23; Hardware #13-21; Icon #11 -21; Static # 9 – 20; Shadow Cabinet #1-4; Steel #6-7, Superboy #6-7, Superman: The Man of Steel # 35-36 and Worlds Collide # 1

Includes Blood Syndicate #13-23, Hardware #13-21, Icon #11-21, Shadow Cabinet #1-4, Static #9-20 
Steel #6-7, Superboy #6-7, Superman: The Man of Steel #35-36, and Worlds Collide #1. 

By our estimation, we’d only need 2 more volumes to collect the rest of Milestone’s original publishing run! Let’s hope they see it through.

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  1. Weird how there's no mention of Ivan Velez, Jr among the credits, especially the way Milestone has tried to erase his contributions and deny him credit for the characters/storyline he created.
    I'm a big Milestone fan from back during the original run in the 90s but have been really disappointed by the way the company has treated many of the talent who dared to ask questions [lawsuit w McDuffie estate, treatment of Mr Velez and fact R.L.Washington died penniless and unhoused, to name just a few.]

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