October 8


Welcome to Comics Are Dope!


October 8, 2021


Welcome to Comics Are Dope! I’ve been silently working on this website for nearly 3 months now. My goal is to create a space that all comic fans can enjoy!

Comics Are Dope is a website built out of love, and a little frustration too. When I realized that YouTube wasn’t the best avenue for long-form comic reviews and analysis, I decided to survey the landscape to see what was out there. What I found was disappointing.

This isn’t the first blog dedicated to comics fans. But as it stands, there are only a few worth their salt. A lot of the big sites we all rely on for news and information are riddled with ads and potential spyware. The ones that run well rarely talk about comics at all — they use them as a front to talk about movie speculation among other things.

As comics are viewed increasingly as just a means to massive box office success, it’s important that someone steps up for the true early adopters — comic book fans. Think about it, how many times have you turned on the TV lately and seen something inspired by a comic? If comic fans don’t get excited, do these projects ever see the light of day?

So Comic Fans, this site is for you. Eventually, I want this to be the #1 resource for people who love comics. Come here for creator interviews, advanced comic book reviews, and thoughtful editorial content. By comic fans, for comic fans. With love.

Thanks for being here with us.

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  1. Well said and too true – while it's great to see a world where kids into comics and D&D are no longer just ostracized as NEEERDS!!!!, the focus on monetization and profiteering of these industries is disheartening. But I'm here for a site discussing the characters and creators, as well as the industry or larger storytelling trends at play.
    For my part, just picked up the PAPER GIRLS collection after finishing the TV season. Other recent faves include the rpg tale DIE, the delightful MILESTONE COMPENDIUM and the beautifully massive deluxe hardcover collections of KAIJUMAX. I love comics but am not a huge fan of the industry, so I'm here for what you're putting out.

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